13 Trends From the 90’s That Made a Comeback Right When We Thought They Were Long Gone

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Do you remember what clothing looked like in the ’90s? In that decade, a transformation from analog to digital and a change in habits and attitudes took place. The revolution had its impact on fashion too: it inspired a colorful yet minimalism grunge style. The new style was so popular that some of its features are still used today.

Bright Side rounded up 13 pieces of clothing that were super popular in the ’90s and are still part of today’s looks. We actually found some celebrity pics to prove it.

1. Leather jackets

The leather jacket is a rock heritage that transcends generations. It can be a workhorse in your closet, as it combines perfectly with a variety of different styles, even the most sophisticated ones. The garment gives a striking and authentic look, besides being excellent for frisky days.

2. High-waist jeans

High-waisted pants shape the body and fit with many other items in the closet. They shape your silhouette more naturally and elegantly and look good on all body types. No wonder they have stood the test of time.

3. Overalls

If you lived in the ’90s, you probably wore overalls. Every once in a while they disappear, but they always come back in style, bringing that stripped-down, laid-back vibe. You can combine it with a crop top or a tight T-shirt and platform sneakers. If you want to highlight your waist, just add a belt.

4. Crop tops

The fashion of the 90s brought freedom of thought and freedom to all bellies. The cropped, as we have already said, combines very well with high-waisted pants, overalls, as well as with skirts, and leggings. You can even wear it in a formal setting, just by adding a sweater on top.

5. Mom jeans

The “mom jeans” concept is basically just a pair of comfortable, loose-fitting denim pants. They’re always high-waisted. And even if they actually appeared in the 80s, they gained popularity in the following decade. They look great on any silhouette plus, if you combine them with a thin shirt, a blazer, and heels, you can also wear them on more formal occasions.

6. Denim shorts

This garment shares some features with mom jeans. They’re both wide and comfortable, just the latter in a short version. In the ’90s it was very common to see a minimalist look, like Cameron Diaz’s: she wore a short, a t-shirt and that’s it. It is so practical and looks so good on anyone that it’s still fairly popular today with some variations.

7. Neon colors

Just like the mom jeans, wearing neon-colored clothes was a thing of the ’80s. But, in the ’90s they became even more popular, mainly among people who went to nightclubs. The color is still in high demand, today, perhaps, more present in garments for the gym or swimsuits.

8. Clogs

Clogs had their first peak of popularity in the ’70s, when girls wore them combined with flared pants and fringed jackets. In the 1990s, these shoes resurfaced, this time branded by celebrities of the decade. Today, they have been revisited and are once again a hit, with lower platforms, so they can be worn with casual looks.

9. Bardot neckline

Bardot (shoulder to shoulder) necklines were a hit in the ’90s and never seem to go out of style. Whether in casual or formal looks, this neckline draws attention to your shoulders. You can pair it with necklaces, and it’s also a great option if you want to show off that shoulder tattoo that almost no one gets to see.

10. Slip dress

The so-called lingerie dress is usually a long, smooth, and thin-strapped dress. It’s very similar to a nightgown but, besides being elegant, it is a “fresh” and comfortable garment. Although you’ll often see it at parties, you can also wear it casually.

11. Sheer

The ’90s brought so much freedom that see-through garments became super popular. It’s yet another trend that has stood the test of time and keeps making a comeback. The secret to looking good while wearing sheer clothes is to carefully choose the garment that goes underneath them.

12. Velveteen

Velveteen emerged long before the 1990s. But it was then that it became popular, mainly when people wanted to look formal. Since, for many, fashion is all about being elegant even if you’re just going to the bakery, they ended up wearing velvet on every occasion, which kind of defeats its purpose.

13. Plaids

Plaids are as immortal as the “little black dress”. If you watched Clueless, you probably remember the striking plaid suits the main characters wear all the time. This print is still in vogue, but today it is worn in more discreet colors and combined with other plain garments in complementary tones. Also in outfits that evoke the schoolboy style, as seen in the photo on the right.

After this trip down memory lane, we’d like to know: in your opinion, what other trends from the past should make a comeback?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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