15 Creative People That Made Their Special Days Unique

2 years ago

Special days, whether they be birthdays, weddings, or other celebrations, are rare, but that’s the reason they’re so memorable. Some people who strive to make those days exceptionally unique are not afraid to let out their creativity and gift loved ones with unforgettable moments.

We at Bright Side found 15 people whose creativity went over the top so that it won’t let them forget the most special days in their lives.

1. “It was my dad’s birthday today but we didn’t have the right numbers so we got creative.”

2. “Okay, which one of you has my ring?”

3. “I like to add faces to my friends’ gifts to make them more interesting.”

4. “These handmade cookies for a ’90s themed birthday party”

5. “Look at my friend’s birthday cake that his mom made him.”

6. “My son at his fifth birthday party with Captain America in charge of the piñata”

7. “I gave my wife Lego flowers for her birthday.”

8. “My son requested for his birthday this year to have a poo party.”

“I always make a cake to go with the theme. According to his great-grandmother, it’s the best poo she ever tasted!”

9. “My father’s fifty-seventh birthday — we decorated his office.”

10. “I received the most creative wedding invitation this year.”

11. “My fiancée made my wedding band out of a skateboard she bought me 10 years ago when we first dated.”

12. “Crocheted versions of myself and the fiancé for our wedding in 2 months!”

13. “I surprised Grandma with a painting of her and my late grandfather for her ninety-third birthday.”

14. “Today was my great-grandmother’s ninety-third birthday.”

15. “I made some helmets for my best friend’s bachelor party on the condition we get this photo at his wedding.”

What was the most creative gift you ever presented or got from someone? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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