25 Hilarious Photos That Prove Animals Are People in “Fur Coats”

4 years ago

Just look at the cat in the box — it looks exactly like the guy you saw on the bus, and the dog wearing a cap, looks like your best friend going to a party. Animals are like us, but kinder and funnier.

Bright Side has collected solid proof that animals are funny and expressive copies of ourselves.

When you came to a party with your friend and you don't know anyone else:

When you look so stunning you're even ready to see your ex:

When you're tired and sleeping:

When you're trying to impress someone you really like:

Before you've had your morning coffee:

When you barely made it to your bus:

When both of you are hungry but you can't agree on where to eat:

When you're going to work during rush hour:

When you're trying to let your friend know that his joke wasn't really funny:

When someone took your favorite seat and you're imagining what you'd do to get it back:

When someone you don't know that well enters your personal space:

When you have an idea for a cool start-up and you're planning on getting rich soon:

When you just don't know what to do:

When you're trying to figure out whether you need to lose weight or if you still look okay:

When you realize that the person you are talking to is kind of dumb:

When you photoshopped your photo to look cool:

When your neighbors turn on loud music in the middle of the night:

When you can do something unusual and you want to demonstrate that:

When someone told you something offensive:

When you decide to take a selfie lying down:

When you made a bad decision:

When you come home from work and you can finally relax:

When you're cool and you know it:

When you are on vacation and taking pictures in front of everything:

When you love your parents:

Which animal do you associate yourself with?

Preview photo credit tzd217/Reddit


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