Instagram Introduces Us to Crazy Beauty Trends Only the Bravest Can Follow

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4 years ago

Instagram is like a recipe book for those who want to become more attractive. And of course, popular beauty bloggers are the opinion-makers here. They constantly generate new ideas on how to do makeup and how to wear eye-catching hairstyles. But sometimes they get so creative that we're not quite sure if their ideas are cool and progressive or just downright crazy. Most of their ideas are over the top. However, some of them deserve our attention. Who knows, maybe you will find them useful when it comes time to prepare for a theme party!

Bright Side has collected some Instagram beauty trends that will definitely surprise you to say the least.

1. Eyebrow-heels

Relax, this is not real makeup. But because Instagram trends change in the blink of an eye, it may be real very soon. Skyzeditz is a popular Instagram account (this is where another unbelievable trend appeared called eyebrow fishtails) where a photo of a shoe instead of the eyebrow was posted. It turns out that the photo is actually edited. And for those who really liked this idea, Skyzeditz released a small clip about the creation of this masterpiece.

2. Nail-corkscrew

Regular, neat nails are in the past, according to beauty bloggers. Now your manicure can be made more interesting by adding a corkscrew nail. Here you can see how nail artists actually do this. This is quite convenient for those who need to open wine bottles often.

3. Eyebrow—halo

Once, a young beauty blogger from Great Britain was talking on the phone to her friend. The girls wanted to come up with a new makeup trend. That's when the blogger decided to connect the ends of her eyebrows, creating the look of a halo.

4. Crowns on the eyelids

Is there a girl who doesn't want to be a princess? Now every girl can have a crown or even 2! All you need to do is draw the necessary pattern onto your eyelids and decorate with rhinestones.

5. Corset braid

The idea of such a braid is not new but it seems that this hairstyle is reborn. Even celebrities liked it, like Lady Gaga, for example. Such corset braids may look a little weird at first, but we agree that there's something attractive and nice about this style.

6. Ombre lashes

Ombre works not only on hair and nails. As it turns out, lashes can be colored this way, too. But in order to make sure the effect is noticeable, you need to use false eyelashes. Of course, this makeup is good only for a theme party.

7. Squared hair

A stylist from an Austrian salon felt that she needed to express her creativity and did this with her client's hair. You will never believe what inspired her to do this. "What truly inspired this look was my hunt for the perfect tartan miniskirt," she explained. "I thought if I can't find it, I may as well just paint it on someone's head." This is how new trends are born.

8. Springtime eyebrows

Taylor R had an idea to summon spring in this unusual way. Trendy girls loved the idea of green eyebrows with flowers and they started posting pictures like these with the #gardeneyebrows hashtag.

9. Geode hair

Grab some violet hair dye and glitter that imitates crystals and you've got yourself jewelry hair that looks like a geode!

10. "Iron" eyebrows

This year, eyebrow stylists have gotten incredibly creative. Probably, the most dangerous and fascinating idea is eyebrows with nails and other iron pieces woven into them. A Serbian stylist made use of this idea with shocking makeup. Are you brave enough to try this?

Which of these ideas would you agree to try? Tell us in the comment section below!


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