15 Pics That Can Be Your Good Vibes Provider

2 years ago

baby that meets its watery twin or a dog with a pink heart-shaped mark on its nose — these endearing moments and findings, when caught on camera, can brighten the days of countless people. Fortunately for everyone, Reddit is a well of these feel-good pics.

Bright Side picked some photos that absolutely radiate love and happiness.

1. “My baby daughter and her watery twin during an aquarium visit”

2. “The kitten I found hiding by my engine last night approves of the fresh morning air.”

3. “My dog doesn’t like it when you sneeze, so she tries to hide in the dishwasher.”

4. “My girlfriend was asleep today when an important delivery arrived.”

5. “My son meeting his grandpa for the first time”

6. “He got bigger and so did that grin.”

7. “My husband ordered a hand-painted photo of us for our anniversary.”

8. “Made cake toppers for my wedding and forgot to check the oven’s temp before putting my fiancée in.”

9. “She had a scab right below her nose, and now that it healed, it left a pink heart-shaped mark.”

10. “This stray kitten and me”

11. “Always asked for a skateboard as a kid. My parents said not until I was 35. Today, they delivered.”

12. “The kitten will only stop crying if I hold him upside down.”

13. “I’d been giving my neighbor’s dogs treats and scratches every morning when I headed out to work.”

“This is my kitchen window when I woke up on my first day off.”

14. “Our cat has been glued to my boyfriend ever since we returned home from a week-long trip.”

15. “They’re demolishing the house next door, and I couldn’t resist.”

What’s the most uplifting pic you’ve ever taken? What’s something you’re happy about this week? We’ll be in the comments excitedly waiting to see your photos and read your stories!

Preview photo credit crowesn*** / Reddit


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