7 Superstars Who Use Public Transport Like Any Other “Normal” People

2 years ago

We often believe that the lives of the stars are all about glamour, limousines, private jets, and other luxuries that we common people don’t really have access to. But the reality is that many celebrities choose to live their lives in a “normal” way, like the rest of us. With new technologies and smartphone cameras, anybody can become a paparazzo for a few minutes and immortalize that moment when they shared a bus with a Hollywood star.

Bright Side shows you some of the celebrities who, despite their fame and money, chose to travel by public transport. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article.

1. Emma Watson

The actress shared the picture above on her Instagram account and then she added a tag that you might know: @booksonthesubway. It’s basically an initiative to encourage reading. A group of people from the organization travel daily through New York subway stations leaving books that travelers can read on their trips, or even take home, with the only condition that when they’ve finished reading them, they need to return them to any subway station so that other passengers can do the same and enjoy a good read on their commute to work, for example.

2. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes takes the subway on a regular basis for her commute, just like anybody else. It’s actually not the first time she’s been caught on camera in the middle of a commute, either alone or with friends or family. In the picture we chose for this article she was traveling from midtown Manhattan to the suburbs, and she was enjoying her trip by reading some pages from Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a collection of essays written by American writer Joan Didion.

3. Mariah Carey

The glamorous singer surprised all her fans by posting this photo on her Twitter, along with the caption “Festive moments @FreshAirFund Gala followed by a subway ride! Only in New York!”. That day, Mariah Carey had attended a charity gala organized by the Fresh Air Foundation and at the end of the event, when she was still dressed up in her gala dress and all, she decided to take a walk through the streets of Manhattan and then when she was done she just went home and she took the subway to get there.

4. Sebastian Stan

The actor who brought superhero, Bucky Barnes, to the big screen from Marvel’s Avengers saga was spotted riding the New York subway line 6 together with a friend. Upon realizing that a camera was capturing that curious moment, he started joking and making different faces for his impromptu paparazzi that was just as surprised to run into such a popular actor riding the subway.

5. Jaimie Alexander

Thor actress Jaimie Alexander takes no issue in using public transport to get to where she has to go. This time, she was spotted commuting in the Manhattan subway while wearing bright red socks. In fact, she was even spotted taking a nap and with a pair of not very discreet flip-flop-like sandals. It seems like she couldn’t possibly be more comfortable and informal.

6. Lenny Kravitz

This is how naturally and casually this great music star decided to get to one of his concerts in Russia. Even if Kravitz didn’t actually take the subway to commute, he did use a public transport train that goes from St. Petersburg to Moscow that many other people use every day to get to any of these 2 cities.

7. Ron Howard

The famous actor and holder of an Oscar for best director for his work in A Beautiful Mind was spotted commuting very naturally on the New York subway. It was rush hour in the Soho area of Manhattan, and the train was completely packed, so he had to travel standing up, but he didn’t really seem to mind too much.

Bonus: Celebrities who have taken the subway because of their jobs

1. Joaquin Phoenix

The last actor, to date, to bring the maniacal Joker to the big screens shot several scenes of the movie in the subway, as you might remember. However, the pictures you see above were actually something different. It was his appearance in the Canadian subway as a result of his activism for animal rights and veganism. Joaquin came to the Toronto subway to show his support for a campaign from the organization Be Fair Be Vegan, which consisted of the installation of a series of images and awareness murals on the station walls.

2. The girls from Ocean’s 8

The stars of Ocean’s 8 also rode the New York City subway as part of the filming of some of the movie’s scenes, which were shot at the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn. This glamorous subway ride included stars like Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling, and Sarah Paulson.

If you were a star, would you travel by public transport or only in private cars and limousines?


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I like how there calebs are not entitled at all and just behave like normal people


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