18 Cunning Pets That Are Incredibly Skillful at Making a Sad Face

3 years ago

Anyone can offend a pet without even intending to by doing things like taking a box that they liked, trying a new massage technique on them, or taking their bed. And the way their faces look when something like this happens makes us want to do anything to satisfy them.

We at Bright Side absolutely can’t resist these offended little faces. We want to hug each and every pet from this compilation.

“My roommate came in to get a box of sneakers and the cat was sitting on top of it. She had to pick him up to take the box. He can’t seem to understand what just happened.”

“Wife and I just had our first kid, cat is feeling sad and neglected. She is now taking desperate measures for attention.”

“Someone mentioned a cat having an existential crisis?”

“My girlfriend’s cat is having one of those days...”

This is Mars, the most offended cat in the world.

“Here’s my very offended doggo.”

“Moses looks like I just offended all of his ancestors by sitting on his couch.”

This is Luna and her pet rock.

What are you eating?

When everyone else has a day off and you have to work:

“I’m outside. The cat is really offended.”

“He’s pretending to apologize for biting my hands.”

“I’ve offended her entire bloodline with my spicy tuna salad.”

“He is offended because I called for my other cat.”

Someone is really tired.

“It happens every morning when I drink milk.”

“I tried the special cat massage.”

He came to complain that someone took his bed.

What do your pets look like when they are offended? Show us their photos in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Maria_Key / Twitter


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