20 Pets That Messed Up, but You Can’t Stay Mad at Them for More Than a Second

2 years ago

Any pet owner knows the amount of destruction little furballs are capable of. Their curiosity and natural instinct often get them into trouble, and we are always left cleaning up after their mess. But even if they behave like bandits, we can’t resist their adorable faces. And we always end up absolving them from their naughty deeds.

Bright Side rounded up photos of pets who were caught “paw-handed,” but got a free pass because of their irresistible charm.

1. “This isn’t what it looks like...😳”

2. “So that’s where my socks went.”

3. “My lovely Mastiff, Bee, just ate my signed copy of Fire and Blood.

4. “Last night there were 4 rolls in the bag. This morning...”

5. “Guess who got into a bowl of spaghetti?”

6. “We all make mistakes.”

7. “After weeks of rebuilding, I finally gave up and put the pieces back in the box.”

8. “Attempting to shoplift at the vet”

9. “When I caught him, he was trying to spit it out. It was stuck though.”

10. “My friend’s cat threw up and I can’t stop laughing at this photo she sent me.”

11. “When you sneak a silent one and hope Mom doesn’t smell it. She smelled it.”

12. “Tofu was caught ’red-handed’ with his paw in the marinara.”

13. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

14. “He decided he needed the diapers more than the baby.”

15. “Caught her eating my new king-size blanket.”

16. “When you go out and return 2 hours past your cat’s dinner time”

17. “I spent an entire day baking challah bread, only to have it stolen.”

18. “You can’t get mad at that face.”

19. “I ate chalk and now I am a sad dog.”

20. “I ❤️ dogs.”

What kind of trouble does your pet usually get into? Do you have pictures of their funny mishaps? Share your stories and photos in the comment section.

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2 years ago
Hidden for the greater good.

The look of guilt and a range of other emotions is an absolute CLASSIC!
THANK YOU So much for this, l truly needed it! 💗 lol 😆


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