16 People Reveal the Most Wholesome Celebrity Encounters

8 months ago

The celebrities we know today are iconic and when we get the chance of a lifetime to meet them it is just a dream come true, and it is more memorable when they interact with us. It leaves a special mark and warmth on our hearts every time we remember it.

1. Paul McCartney

Invision/Invision/East News

McCartney in NYC. All I can get out is, “Thank You So Much.” He mimicked me by saying, “You’re So Welcome” with a big grin. I’ll never forget it. You have much lesser names to be snobby and couldn’t care less. © Caren329 / Twitter

2. Paul Rudd

Invision/Invision/East News

I worked at a trendy spot in NYC, and we got our fair share of celebrities. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice many of them were, but the best was Paul Rudd. He even stuck around and had a drink with staff members. Absolutely delightful. © ZakEdwards / Twitter

3. Bernie Mac

Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News

Cousin and I saw him at the hoagie shop. Stood out because of his height and his very nice leather jacket. My cousin and I were awestruck and the person he was with noticed us, chuckled, tapped Bernie Mac who then turned around and said, “What do you all want? It’s on me.” © MsWilliamsWorld / Twitter

4. Anthony Davis

The man literally got in my mom’s minivan and asked to take a picture with me because I was being a lame teenager and didn’t want to get out after my mom stopped in the middle of the street to ask him for a picture. © TaylorrKiara / Twitter

5. Hugh Jackman

Friend’s dad met a “very nice man” at a farm stand in 2011, couldn’t figure out why the guy looked familiar, so he asked him. Guy laughed, asked if he had kids, and when the friend’s dad said yes, the nice guy said “Let’s take a pic and show your kids later, they’ll know.” It was Hugh Jackman© lola_veux / Twitter

6. Kobe Bryant

The two times I met him and got to talk to him was so awesome. Told him I was an original kb24 member, and he stopped, and we talked a bit, signed two pairs of my Kobe’s. I can say it’s a great memory I will never forget. © kb8thekid / Twitter

7. Dwayne Johnson

While I was working at a mall in Jersey, The Rock was there for a signing, and he was so sweet and kind. Smelled amazing and spoke to everyone there, bought us all lemonade and cinnabons with extra frosting. © MsBerry_jones / Twitter

8. Mo’Nique

I used to work at a sporting goods store, and I was sweeping up before closing, Monique walked in and told me to stop sweeping. Then went off on my manager and said, “You got this beautiful black brother in here sweeping floors?!” She even gave me $100. © STOPFLEXIN / Twitter

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

Vandeville Eric/ABACA/EAST NEWS

Leonardo DiCaprio at Cannes in 2007. Took several pics with a very nervous fan until she was satisfied. On his way to his seat, I extended my hand for a shake, but his bodyguard pushed my hand away. He reached over him and shook my hand anyway. © unkeelman87 / Twitter

10. Jody Watley

I met her at a grocery store. She talked to me for 20 minutes and even talked to my little sister on the phone right there when I asked her. And my sister screamed into the phone like a crazed fan. Ms. Watley is the most gracious celeb I’ve ever met. © AkilWingate / Twitter

11. Ed Sheeran

After a show in Atlanta. At about 1 am, he took a group shot with all of us and then said he would do individual selfies. My phone was dead, so I thought I was going to miss out. He asked to use another friend’s phone, so I could still get a picture with him. © leesamonique / Twitter

12. Chris Evans

Hands down, the sweetest and nicest smelling man, did an impromptu signing at his brother’s restaurant and stayed extra late to get everyone their photos and autographs. Not gonna lie, I may have been the only one to ask for a selfie at the time, love him. © sophfagerquist / Twitter

13. Bella Hadid

She told me I was beautiful and was easy to talk to. I was shocked when I got a kiss on the cheek so soon after meeting her. For a model so successful and stunning, it was nice to feel I wasn’t an ugly peasant in her presence. © ahitofsarah / Twitter

14. Keenan Thompson

Keenan Thompson was at the comedy club auditioning people, and he allowed people to come to meet him, and we talked, and I told him how much my mother loved him, and he said let’s FaceTime her right now, then had a whole conversation with my mom. © bougiegentleman / Twitter

15. Method Man

The nicest celeb I ever met was Method Man. He was at a bar crawl, and he wished me a happy birthday and also gave a shout-out to himself and Ms. Badu because we all have birthdays back to back in March. © BTG_Joi / Twitter

16. Aya Jones

The model Aya Jones is the absolute sweetest! She’s always responding to fans and being kind. One time I asked for her skincare routine because she has the most beautiful skin and not only did she tell me which products she uses but also what they’re good for. © KitchaFitFit1 / Twitter

While Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s friendship is palpable both on and off-screen, Winslet candidly discussed the challenges of filming intimate scenes with DiCaprio in “Revolutionary Road.” Despite their close bond, Winslet felt uneasy performing such scenes in front of her then-husband, director Sam Mendes. However, DiCaprio saw their friendship as a driving force behind their emotionally charged performances.


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