11 Times Strangers Made Someone’s Day a Whole Lot Better

5 years ago

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “The best way to begin each day is waking up to think how one can give joy to at least one person this day.” The heroes of this article might not wake up with this thought, but they definitely bring joy and help the people around them.

Bright Side has found 11 stories that depict people doing good things. We think they’re just incredibly kind.

11. A man on the train noticed an older man struggling to find directions on his phone. He asked if he could help and spent the next 20 minutes teaching him how to use Google Maps and direction services.

10. It’s really easy to do good things.

9. A man made cars stop to let an old lady cross the road safely.

8. An Audi driver shields a biker who’s fallen down.

7. A class gives a struggling guy a smartphone.

6. This man took off his sneakers and gave them to a homeless man who was barefoot on the subway before putting his own work shoes back on.

5. This is the hero we all need.

4. People giving snacks to marathon participants

3. A number of health workers from Changzhou waiting to take a turn performing chest compressions to keep a boy alive who was waiting for highly qualified doctors from Shanghai to arrive. By the way, they managed to save him!

2. True sportsmanship

1. A driver stops cars to let a truck driver change lanes.

Do you usually help strangers? Tell us in the comments!

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Yesterday,a bus driver had stopped to let me cross the road .

I mention it wasn t no zebra and it was a district road


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