18 Pics That Prove Sometimes Our Eyes Play Tricks on Us

2 years ago

Oftentimes, our brain and eyes can play tricks on us — they can ignore some details or create associations with something we’ve seen before. And sometimes a perfectly-timed photo can make us see a masterpiece, like the pics from our article.

Many of these photos confused and perplexed even the Bright Side authors. We bet you’ll have to look at these pics many times before you realize what’s going on in them.

There are not 5 paws.

There is a tail next to the hind left paw. The hind right paw is in front of the frontal paws.

“Believe it or not, these jars contain the same amount of jam.”

“Took me a while to notice it was a dog, not a blanket.”

“Just a cow, its name is Bertha.”

“He normally has 2 full front legs.”

“It looks like the phone is heavily damaged, but it’s just reflecting the chandelier.”

“I thought it was a mirror at first.”

“Almost had a heart attack when I saw this on the floor.”

Tiny cat in a sink...or is it a large bath?

“No, it’s just a large bath with a cat laying inside of it, no mirrors around.”

“Took me way too long to figure out why this pic is among the confusing perspective pics.”

The bike’s wheels are where they should be, they’re just too dirty.

“At first glance, it looked like it was emerging from a ground portal.”

“After many years of saving, I finally bought a house.”

“Me holding a baby”

This scary white creature with a huge head is actually a cute dog standing on its hind legs.

“My lamp looks like it’s in front of and behind the TV at the same time.”

“This is my friend feeding an antelope. If you look between the antlers and by the left eye, you can see other body parts.”

It’s not a giant pack of tea, it’s just that the table is visible, while the floor is not.

It looks like an island in the sky, but make sure to pay attention to its reflection.

Did you manage to solve all these photo mysteries?

Preview photo credit Loafefish / Reddit


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