20+ Times Expectation and Reality Didn’t Match the Plans

2 years ago

A man who ordered a pillow, but his dog tore it to pieces; a woman who bought a bra and received a giant one; a man who bought a scratching post for his cat, but the tiny thing that arrived looks like it’s meant for a mouse. These are just a few examples of how our expectations sometimes do not match reality, giving us the opportunity to burst with laughter or just scratch our heads in puzzlement.

Here at Bright Side, we know the feeling of when things turn out the complete opposite of what we expected, and today we’ve found 21 people who wanted to share their plans gone wrong. We’d love for you to laugh along with us.

1. “Dear IKEA, I think my dog enjoyed your pillow more than I ever could.”

2. “I bought a scratching post for my cat.”

3. “My wife’s attempt at our son’s birthday cake”

4. “Someone missed the day in pre-k when they went over shapes.”

5. “What I bought vs. what I got”

6. “Platinum hair expectation vs. reality”

7. “Welp... there goes her new bed.”

8. “Every single grape in the bag has seeds.”

9. “Decided to order from this new ’healthy’ and ’fresh’ place, that’s how they delivered my food.”

10. “Found a four-leaf clover and then twist my finger... Lucky me!”

11. “My kit came with no kat.”

12. “I have nothing to say here.”

13. “Tried making rice since working from home is usually slow. Got pulled into a meeting and 3 conversations before I could add water.”

14. “Just gave this little guy a bath 20 minutes ago.”

15. “How we advertise our Jack-o-Lantern pizzas vs. how I like to make them for customers”

16. “So I ordered some popcorn. Always check the size first!”

17. “Ordered a pot/pan set after recently moving”

18. “My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space-themed cake. Left is what we ordered, right is what we got.”

19. “I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I’m not even mad.”

20. “We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right. Elmo has seen better days.”

21. “Ordered this giant bra in a wrong size.”

What’s the most memorable expectation vs. reality situation you’ve ever experienced? How did you react to it?

Preview photo credit Halesberry / Imgur


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