31 Design Fails That Must Have Got Someone Fired

4 years ago

There are people who don't treat their work seriously. And, thanks to their efforts, a number of masterpieces come into existence — just like the ones we have collected for you today.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at 31 design fails that were created under the motto "It'll do."

It seems Dora has been traveling to the fridge pretty often.

Here's somebody's last working day on TV.

We wonder how much time it will take this memory card to charge.

What a strange dog!

A sign for those who have a nonstandard view of this world.

Everything would be great if the beak were a little lower.

Which number is the correct one after all?

This spoon is not as simple as it might seem.

A friend among foes!

That will do!

When working with outdoor advertising, it is necessary to take into account even the smallest details.

Now the freshness of the bun won't cause any doubts at all.

Rebellious trees?

It would probably be better vice versa.

Perhaps this is an art object?

They are definitely not short and red. So the tag is logical.

The garage is there, and the way to the garage is there too, so there's no problem.

Coconuts for those who like the color pink?

It seems the ventilation in the hotel bathroom does not work.

How does corn look in their opinion?

Loaders do not like it when they are told what to do.

"My business partner and I decided to share a hotel room in order to save some money. We weren't expecting this."

For disabled extremists

I am a painter. I see it that way.

Light up your mind.

It seems the numbering went wrong here.

It is unlikely that the restaurant is called that.

An ATM for basketball players

Do what?

There is something wrong with Tauriel.

Pretty puzzling design, isn't it?

Can you recall any funny cases where someone decided to shirk their work duties? Please share them in the comments!


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Can make juices, makes cranberry cocktail, BUT CANT MAKE A GRAPE JUICE (the bottle says ''Simply cranberry cocktail'' if you cant read it)

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