15 People Who Know How to Stand Out From the Crowd

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The world is full of wonderful people and some that, well, aren’t. Surprises can wait for us everywhere. You might share your seat with someone’s feet in a movie theater or be left with only pizza dough for dinner. And we can’t help but wonder, “Who even does things like this?”

Bright Side found solid evidence of what it’s like to have peculiar logic.

1. “I’m not even sure how I feel about this.”

2. “A lady taking up 3 seats on a packed CTA bus”

3. “If it’s above the freezing point, it’s shorts weather.”

4. “It was a tight squeeze but Amazon managed to fit all of these into the box!”

5. “I left my backpack unattended for 5 minutes and some freshman put a lock on it and doesn’t know the combination.”

6. “A coworker told me she was pregnant, and I got her pastries. When the party was about to start, I opened the fridge and saw this.”

7. “The psycho who did this in my art class”

8. “I paid $10 in delivery fees and none of it is for the driver? So what’s the fee for then?”

9. “My ’boss’ has no regard for a customer’s expensive chair even after I told her how much it’s worth.”

10. “My brother taking my Bluetooth headset without permission and returning it like this”

11. “A customer accidentally dropped a pound of screws into a box of nails.”

12. “Dude parked in front of our driveway.”

13. “Just lost a mate.”

14. “I’m a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and left the rest.”

15. “A lady at a movie theater”

Have you ever witnessed someone out of the ordinary? What’s your take on such people?

Preview photo credit starships_lazerg*s / Reddit


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