15 Photos of Failed Designs That Will Make Anyone Cry for Help

2 years ago

An item of clothing with a design that looks more like it’s stained than fashion and a door sign that doesn’t make any sense. These are just a couple of examples of the many accidental mistakes people have made that have us questioning their design skills.

People on the internet shared images of failed designs and we at Bright Side had a good laugh about them, and we hope we’ll make your day brighter too.

1. “For that, dipped in mud look.”

2. It’s got a double meaning: 1) Hi do not mix or 2) Please the beans."

3. “I hope they have a room for good employees as well.”

4. “Why do hotel rooms insist on making me watch my partner bathe? I‘m just glad I’m not sharing the room with a friend or a parent...”

5. “This really weird toilet seat at my best friend’s mom’s house.”

6. “Door lock died. Can’t replace the batteries unless I take either of the locks off.”

7. “I just found this in my high school’s theory of knowledge classroom.”

8. “My wife got a new measuring cup. Not only do the measurements make no sense, but they’re also just plain wrong.”

9. “These shorts that look like they are stained.”

10. “Low window directly behind a toilet”

11. “This door will never be opened. Found in an Austrian Spa.”

12. I am not sure if anyone wants to shower here.

13. “Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet and I have to tell them it’s just the design of the hoodie...”

14. “The #9 position”

15. “My grandparent’s carpeted bathroom”

Which one did you find most amusing? Have you stumbled upon a design mistake before? Do you have a pic to share with us?

Preview photo credit ImRussell / reddit


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