16 Times People Made Their Creativity Supreme

2 years ago

Even a potato can become a princess with a creative touch. You can create an easel just with 2 chairs to paint masterpieces. Old wood rulers can be used for a new truck. Genius and simple ideas can enter your mind, all you need is a little inspiration.

We at Bright Side praise creativity and are sharing 16 pics that may inspire you.

1. The power of makeup

2. “Found in Langenzersdorf, Austria”

3. An idea for a moving tattoo

4. “These white gourds grow into the shape of the containers around them, leading to lots of creative ways to shape the end product.”

5. “My sister is using 2 chairs as an easel.”

6. “Creative street art”

7. “The next level of advertising”

8. “I ordered some cheap gloves online and they came with cardboard inserts made out of surplus playing card prints.”

9. “I saw a truck bed made out of old wood rulers.”

10. “The bike rack at my local bookstore”

11. “Chair adjustment buttons directly relating to the part it moves”

12. Unique playing cards

13. “Turns out my pencil is made of recycled newspaper!”

14. “My mom made an Uno belt.”

15. “A local bus shed is made out of a big excavator bucket.”

16. “I could say this is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.”

Which creative idea did you like the most and why? What hobbies do you have where you can show off your creativity?

Preview photo credit ***kanaI/reddit, vielseitig/reddit


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