20 Pets That Achieved Mastery at Being Cute, But Not at Following Rules

2 years ago

When it comes to teaching your pets to follow some rules, dogs come to mind first. However, specialists claim that you can teach commands to your cat too. They can do some tricks, or at least learn some rules, like ringing the bell when they come inside instead of loud meowing or scratching. But nothing can guarantee that your pet will be a good boy or girl 100% of the time.

We at Bright Side have found 19 pets who don’t follow the rules, but they do it so adorably we can’t be mad at them.

1. “The most efficient way to get white fur over all your black clothes.”

2. “I wonder who did it...”

3. “He likes to lay in front of the cat door and bite his siblings as they try to walk through it.”

4. “I guess she didn’t approve of the new bed.”

5. “I tied the bag full of litter, ran to grab a sturdier bag, then heard a loud thunk and digging sound... Plus, I just shampooed the carpet earlier...”

6. “Things going sideways in 3... 2... 1...”

7. “My dog in the cat’s bed”

8. “RIP to my blinds.”

9. “My dog is patiently waiting for the dominant cat to eat.”

10. “My neighbor’s dog on her bed”

11. “Game of Monopoly got interrupted.”

12. “We should’ve named him ‘FOMO,’ not ‘Tito,’ for jumping the baby gate repeatedly while we leveled the floors.”

13. “She got into the trash.”

14. “Ok.”

15. “My dog’s new bed is memory foam. He’s realized my fiancé’s pillow is made of the same thing so now he thinks he has a second bed...”

16. “I’m just trying to pass school.”

17. “I told him to stay inside and I turn around and see him like this.”

18. “Here, let me open that for you while you’re out running errands.”

19. “It was like this when I got here.”

20. They really had to ruin the Christmas photo.

Which rules does your pet love to break?

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#20 are typical cats
one moment they sit calmly
another they just have to fight hahaha


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