15 Pics Showing That Not Everything Is What It Seems

2 years ago

Don’t always trust your eyes. Life is the greatest magician and can always throw you a curveball, even with the most mundane objects. Be vigilant with your surroundings because you never know when you may encounter things like lighting looking like a man, a log with an imprinted cat, or a rock that resembles a hawk, just to name a few.

Today at Bright Side, we want to present you with 15 pictures that can challenge your senses and give you an electric mood boost for the day.

1. “My mom grew a giant yellow cucumber.”

2. “My one dog looks like my other dog’s shadow.”

3. “Noticed that a cloud behind my girlfriend looked like a thought bubble.”

4. “A notepad made from thin sheets of wood”

5. “My local grocery store has a display space that looks like a truck broke through the wall.”

6. “My cacti look like a caveman about to club a rabbit.”

7. This Tesla charger is set up like a vintage gas pump.

8. “The yolk from a broken boiled egg is literally a little man trying to escape.”

9. “This wilted flower looks like the eggplant emoji.”

10. “The center of the log I was splitting looks like a cat.”

11. “A rock that looks like a hawk and a small nest”

12. “The chip in this window resembles a cat’s face.”

13. “This pattern looks like disturbed Elmo.”

14. “I took a photo of a thunderstorm the other day and captured lightning that looks like a person.”

15. “These barriers look like they are in the final stages of a very close foot race.”

Which of these peculiar happenings caught your eye the most?


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