10 Actors Who Could’ve Gotten a Role in “Twilight” If Casting Directors Had Just Listened to the Book’s Author

4 years ago

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight book series, revealed what actors she would have preferred to see playing the main characters in the famous movie saga based on her books. Well, who can truly know better than the author what the handsome vampire, Edward Cullen, and his beloved Bella Swan should look like?

We at Bright Side believe that if the casting directors had just listened to the author’s opinion, the world would’ve seen a completely different Twilight saga.

Steven Strait as Jacob

Actor Steven Strait looks exactly like Stephenie Meyer imagined Jacob. But she was concerned that he would look too mature by the time of the filming for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Meyer also believed that Tyler Posey, who became famous thanks to his role in Teen Wolf, could’ve become the second candidate for this role.

Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle Cullen

The role of the head of the vampire family could’ve gone to Charlie Hunnam. He’s one of Meyer’s favorite actors. She especially liked his acting in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, where he played the leading role. But Meyer mentioned that Hunnam usually refuses to consider working with scripts that include vampires, so in this case, her dreams weren’t meant to come true.

John C. Reilly as Charlie Swan

There were several candidates on deck to play this role, but John C. Reilly, an Oscar nominee, was the best of them. Meyer was sure that he would nail the role of Charlie Swan, Bella’s father.

Meyer also thought that Vincent Vaughn and Adam LeFevre could’ve fit this role too. She believed that Vincent Vaughn would look great on-screen with a couple of extra pounds and a balding head. And Adam LeFevre attracted Meyer’s attention with his role of Damon Bradley in Only You.

Joanna Krupa as Rosalie Hale

This was the case when the author was totally ready to abandon her own beliefs and choose a model over an actress. Joanna Krupa is an American fashion model with Polish roots. She had some acting experience, but she had only starred in episodes of TV shows like C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation.

Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Cullen

Daniel Cudmore could’ve played the role of Edward’s brother, Emmett Cullen. At least, Stephenie Meyer hoped he would. Casting directors took her opinion into consideration, but chose a different actor. As a result, Daniel got the role of Felix, the Volturi guard.

Rachael Leigh Cook as Alice Cullen

According to the author, the only actress that comes into her mind when she thinks about Alice Cullen is Rachel Lee Cook. This actress had mostly starred in TV shows and teenage comedies.

Cillian Murphy as James

At first, Meyer was inclined to offer Joshua Jackson the role of James. But then she saw Cillian Murphy and he became her first choice. She especially liked him in the movie Batman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan.

John Stamos as Laurent

Charming and handsome actor John Stamos could’ve played Laurent. Meyer mentioned that if John Stamos had decided to take part in the film, it would’ve become a kind of cameo for him.

Emily Browning as Bella Swan

Meyer said that Ellen Page or Danielle Panabaker could’ve played the role of Bella, but Emily Browning was her favorite option. The book author was attracted by Emily’s appearance and especially her expressive lips. But Meyer was open to other options. Her main request was that she wanted Bella to be played by only a real actress and not some pop-star.

Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen

Stephenie Meyer had certain expectations about what Edward Cullen should look like. She wasn’t ready to consider anyone older than 21 years old or anyone who wasn’t a professional actor. This meant no singer or models.

Meyer saw Henry Cavill as the best casting option for this role. But he was already 24 years old and that made Meyer very upset. However, she mentioned that she would’ve offered him the role of Carlisle Cullen if Charlie Hunnam had refused it.

Which of these alternatives do you think would’ve been the best casting decision? Do you know of any other actors who would be perfect for these roles?


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I cannot imagine anyone else playing these parts. They were perfect for the roles and I loved the movies. I am glad they cast all these great actors.


Stephanie M, leave it alone. The movie is done and many people enjoyed it.


At first, I thought “yea an author knows best” but clearly not. All her choices are unattractive and vampires are supposed to be the opposite. It’s like she wanted to bring all her fav actors together in a big pool of -


I think everyone that was actually chosen did a great job! I watch these movies over and over! I couldn’t imagine anyone in any of the roles could have done better then the ones who played them. No way!


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