16 Kids Who Make Us Laugh Just by Being Themselves

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A sense of humor is becoming a soft skill that many adults are trying to learn. However, for kids, it’s not necessary to put extra effort into making anything funny. They make us laugh just by doing everyday things and saying what they really think. Our collection of hilarious photos from kids proves that.

1. “Kiddos’ favorite thing about school...”

2. “This old picture of me is pretty self-explanatory.”

3. “I got home from work one night to find my daughter like this. My back hurts looking at this.”

4. “How my kid asks for snacks, from across the house.”

5. “His plane was delayed...”

6. “Just found this contract in our playroom, written by my older son and signed by my younger son.”

“You agreed to play this game so if you get hurt you cannot tell on me.”

7. “Unmistakable evidence of the ’domesticated’ 5-year-old”

8. “The kid is a realist.”

9. “As a child, I was a fan of princesses and Scream movies at the same time.”

10. “Saw the posts about people falling asleep in some crazy positions as a kid. Here’s mine.”

11. “Father’s Day gift from my daughter. I must say I am a great pillow layer.”

12. “My kids inherited my childhood toys, and my daughter wants to play with dolls. Action Man is now having a sweet life.”

13. “We were never going to notice the missing candy that was replaced with a potato.”

14. “My son thinks he’s one of the dogs...”

15. “What works for a kid when he wakes up crying and demanding doughnuts.”

16. “My kid wanted to ’open’ the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?”

What was the last thing your kid did that made you laugh? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit SUREEMANN / Imgur


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