20+ Times People Created Majestic Art Out of Trash

2 years ago

When inspiration, patience, and hard work get together, there are no limits to the wonders that the human hands can create. They can transform the most random valueless things into pieces of art or useful daily items. If we think about it, these upcycled objects are more valuable than brand new ones, as they have a story to tell and long hours of dedication and effort behind them.

At Bright Side, we love it when things get a second life, especially when they astonish us with their transformation. That’s why we’ve gathered more than 21 upcycled designs that will leave you totally inspired.

1. I made this couch and lamp out of a bathtub.

2. ’’I found an old piano with severe water damage. It would‘ve been a pity to throw it away.’’

3. ’’I made a giant cardboard statue of my face.’’

4. ’’The copper wire bonsai tree I made back in ninth grade’’

5. ’’I made an electric guitar from used skateboards.’’

6. ’’I made a duck out of discarded plastic knives.’’

7. ’’I made a fairy succulent garden patio area with a broken pot.’’

8. “Nora the Salmon made from garbage on beaches.”

9. ’’I turned an old TV into a fish tank.’’

10. ’’The book shelf I made from an old trunk’’

11. Bird feeders made out of teacups

12. ’’This cool mural in my city is made entirely out of bikes.’’

13. ’’I made this play kitchen for my daughter by upcycling an old TV cabinet. It even has an LED light in the oven.’’

14. ’’I made an Iron Man suit from Amazon boxes.’’

15. “I turned old jeans into a satchel bag.”

16. ’’This origami ball I made out of homework’’

17. ’’I upcycled an old beat-up dresser to look like a stack of vintage suitcases.’’

18. “I made a motorcycle from popsicle sticks.”

19. ’’My first attempt at an upcycled rope rug’’

20. ’’I made a VHS tape Christmas tree this year.’’

21. ’’I upcycled my coffee bean bags into a tote bag.’’

Do you have crafty hands as well? Do you believe that it’s better to transform old objects than to throw them away?


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Some art l confess l don't always understand, However l Love recycling into reusable items with Creativity, so yes l love a great many of these ideas. 👍😁


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