24 Times Someone Made Our Life Easier Just by Changing a Small Detail

3 years ago

How many times have you wished that an object had a feature that would make it easier to use, or that a place had a service that would get you out of trouble? Luckily for many, some creative people have come up with things that could save you from getting a headache every time you want to use an object.

Bright Side will show you some pretty neat inventions that were shared by Reddit users.

1. “Built-in cable management on the back of my TV”

2. “Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue from getting left on the covers.”

3. “This hotel I’m staying at has the shower shelf accessible from both inside as well as outside.”

4. “My park installed outdoor workout equipment facing the playground.”

5. “My plastic wrap just told me to add it to my grocery list!”

6. “This milk bottle shows you how much milk is still inside.”

7. “This package tells you what temperature to grill your burgers to and why.”

8. “The books at the bottom are flipped at an angle so you don’t have to bend down to see.”

9. “This grocery store displays these nuts and other snacks upside down so you can see the contents more clearly.”

10. “This floss shows you how many days you have left before you need to get more.”

11. “This public bus with USB ports”

12. “This store sells individual lids for all of the glass containers that I lose or break lids for.”

13. “This soup bowl that also holds crackers”

14. “This hotel alarm clock has a side view next to the bed so you don’t have to spin it around to see the time.”

15. “This notebook that’s also a calculator”

16. “This Philadelphia airport has a fake fire hydrant with turf so service animals can do their business.”

17. “The cap of this apple juice bottle has an engraved arrow that indicates the direction it should be rotated in order to be opened.”

18. “Costco’s glove boxes have size charts on the side to get the best size to fit your hand.”

19. “My new TV remote has a full QWERTY keyboard on its back.”

20. “This Home Depot has little mini bathtubs for display purposes.”

21. “This spray bottle is engineered so you can use all the liquid in it!”

22. “This local pizza place uses a garlic knot to prevent the cheese from touching the box.”

23. “My teacup is hollow so that it doesn’t get too hot to hold.”

24. “This hairbrush I bought came with a tool to remove hair from the brush.”

If you could invent something that would make your life easier, what would it be?


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Well I recently worked on my home setup for study and work and I wish more devices came with some build in cable management


i already have a calculator notebook and its so helpful to me


I'll invent a remote that will control my aeiral so I wouldn't have to keep getting up to fix the reception


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