14 Shopping Disasters That Brought More Tears Than Any 6 AM Job

2 years ago

Not all our purchases bring us joy and satisfaction. It seems it’s some kind of a conspiracy that makes us buy things that bring us nothing but disappointment. This is especially true for online purchases. For example, an online store may send us high-heeled shoes instead of sneakers, or a “huge” pillow which is actually quite tiny.

Bright Side put together facts proving that some purchases are dangerous not only to our budgets but also to our nerves.

“The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided.”

Laser-etched branding on prescription glasses looks like they have a smudge on them to the person wearing them.

“The ’giant’ fish I ordered vs what I received”

“This is why I don’t buy clothes online.”

We’re curious about who has such tiny fingers.

The latest technology in “Best Before” printing

When you order your Halloween costume on the wrong website:

A lot of packaging, very little chocolate...

“A little surprise inside my cookie container”

This toothpaste dispenser seemed like a good idea.

The sauce and cheese on this frozen pizza separated completely from the crust.

This transparent sun visor — what could be more brilliant?

“My new free running shoes after my first run — now with all these rocks in the soles, I have to throw them away.”

“I paid for a first class train ticket that advertised a ’table.’ ”

Have you ever received things that were different from what you ordered? Tell us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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