What the Fathers of 15 of the Hottest Men Look Like

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and these 15 male celebs are no exception. Not only did they inherit their fathers’ beauty, but also their talent. Some dads were famous in the past, while others preferred staying out of the spotlight. In any case, it’s interesting to examine how the hottest men got the most from their parents’ genetics.

1. Chris Hemsworth and Craig Hemsworth

2. Chris Pine and Robert Pine

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

3. Brad Pitt and Bill Pitt

4. Jason Statham and Barry Statham

5. George Clooney and Nick Clooney

6. Leonardo DiCaprio and George DiCaprio

© s_bukley / Shutterstock.com, Invision/Invision/East News

7. Tom Hardy and Chips Hardy

8. Robert Pattinson and Richard Pattinson


9. Hugh Jackman and Christopher Jackman

10. David Beckham and Ted Beckham


11. Jake Gyllenhaal and Stephen Gyllenhaal

12. Channing Tatum and Glenn Tatum

13. John Legend and Ronald Stephens

14. Matt Damon and Kent Damon

15. Jude Law and Peter Law

Now that you’ve seen the fathers of the most attractive celebs, you might as well look at what some celebrities looked like when they were children here. If you’d like to stay with the “attractiveness” vibe, check out this article with oddly attractive celebs and this one with the most attractive villains.
This one has stars with unique features that still make them gorgeous. By the way, for the creative folks out there, here we aged some never-aging celebs.

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I'm angry that Harry Styles isn't on here, he and his dad have a close relationship, Harry and I have been dating for 15 years


not to be rude or any thin but can u plz stop stating that u and harry have been dating 4 15yrs?? and just 2 make sure uv been dating hin sence he was like 14yrsold??? right?


how is that rude?? i was just asking a question. and i could honstly care less bout how old u were when u started dating him i just said " just to make sure just so i got my math right. also no one realy cares that uv been dating hi 4 15yrs and just to stop saying that in the comments


ur good. but can u plz stop saying how long uv been dating him its getting anoying no offence tho. also idc who he dates and who he dosent. and honstly i love lou a little bit more then him but not by much anyway


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