People Name 10 Oddly Attractive Celebrities Most of Us Somehow Fall For

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The more you look, the more attracted you become. Even though these celebrities don’t look like models, they still win the hearts of millions. Their non-standard beauty and charisma totally sweep us off our feet. These stars are living proof that everybody is beautiful.

1. Adrien Brody

  • My crush on him as a teen was rabid. I saw a women’s magazine with him on the cover (wearing a vest and necklaces) for sale in the only grocery store on a tiny New Zealand island, but I couldn’t buy it because I was with my family. I scoured the Internet for a copy afterward, haha.
    bangbangbatarang / Reddit
  • The man is charming and has swagger. He makes you take a second look and linger, but you’re confused why. He’s not textbook handsome by any means, but I find him attractive.
    lobsters_love_butter / Reddit
  • I never found him attractive until I saw that movie, The Jacket, and then it was love. Have been enamored by him ever since.
    ••••_babble91 / Reddit

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

  • When I first saw him, I didn’t understand what people were worked up about. End of season 3 of Sherlock, I was one of them.
    CheshireCharade / Reddit
  • I think he’s brilliant and handsome. Odd, because when I first saw him, I was very confused and didn’t know if I could focus on the storyline.
    ElephantOfSurprise- / Reddit
  • This is embarrassing, but I don’t care; when I saw Mr. Cumberbatch in the behind-the-scenes videos of him as Smaug... It kindled a fire within me I didn’t know was there.
    Venus-Death-Trap / Reddit

3. Matt Smith

  • I once read Matt Smith being described as “looking like a caricature of a handsome man.” Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to be mean. Lord knows, he’s better looking than I am. But he’s definitely handsome in a very unconventional way.
    Volfgang91 / Reddit
  • His nose is pretty thick and his head’s a bit big and oddly shaped, if just a bit. But, especially if the lights are right (and with shorter hair), he does look pretty good.
    Unknown user / Reddit

4. Willem Dafoe

  • I work in film production, and we often chat about off-topic stuff. Once I mentioned Willem Dafoe and the actor I was talking to said, “I love him. So talented, so beautiful.” I said, “Have you worked with him before?” And she says, “If I had, I’d start off every conversation with ’Hi, I’m (insert name) and I worked with Willem Dafoe once.’”
    morelsupporter / Reddit
  • Willem Dafoe is really, really hot. I finally had the courage to mention this to my girlfriends, who all immediately agreed with me; they were just too embarrassed to say it.
    Sister_Winter / Reddit

5. Tilda Swinton

  • Love her, I think she’s definitely what would be a perfect example of an unconventional beauty. Not everyone has to look like a heavily filtered over lip-filled IG model. She’s definitely beautiful.
    Capital_Pea / Reddit
  • I’m not usually into androgynous-looking people, but her as Gabriel in Constantine was really sexy for some reason.
    xnerdyxrealistx / Reddit

6. Jesse Eisenberg

  • I’d bet anyone they can’t go through more than 2 or 3 of his films without at least thinking, “Yeah, he’s cute.” And it’s all downhill (or uphill) from there. He’s my biggest celebrity crush, and it all started with a “look how blue his eyes are.”
    theblagdog / Reddit
  • Hollywood has made him into the niche attractive awkward guy, much in the style of Michael Cera. His timid nice guy persona probably makes him unthreatening and attractive to many females as well.
    ***Agent / Reddit

7. Bill Skarsgård

  • If humanity is ever on the brink of extinction, we need to use the Skarsgård family genes to repopulate because they are all basically perfect.
    Ok-Cartographer-1388 / Reddit

8. Uma Thurman

  • My uncle said he never thought she was very attractive. Then he ran into her at a bagel shop of the sort, had a small conversation not entirely realizing who it was, and said it totally changed his perspective.
    No-Wait-2065 / Reddit
  • Although her eyes are slowly orbiting her head, she is still quite attractive.
    yougovs / Reddit
  • The first time I saw her was in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and she was like a classical painting come to life. Whatever roles and changes happen, she will always be angelic to me. We’re not worthy!
    trafalmadorianistic / Reddit
  • My uncle got to meet her and later said that he found her striking rather than traditionally beautiful. Like, he just couldn’t stop staring; she had a strangely compelling face.
    wombatIsAngry / Reddit

9. Tom Hiddleston

10. Jack Black

  • I’m a straight man, but I’ve always thought of Jack Black as the prime example of a still-attractive-stout-guy.
    Smark_Henry / Reddit

Who else do you think can be included in the list? What facial features do you find the most attractive?

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