15+ Products That Were Created by People With Intricate Minds

2 years ago

There are some people who truly believe that strangeness is a necessary ingredient of any “successful” idea. And modern designers use it in their workings today like no one else. Nevertheless, all the other additives of the recipe can vary — but a primary chef’s secret can make a pearl literally out of anything.

We at Bright Side have found some fancy products created by talented people who love to take the road less traveled.

1. “An amazing piece of clothing that will light up your nights and make you shine”

2. “This keychain is a small leather jacket.”

3. “My new sponge holder”

4. “These butterfly bicycle racks”

5. “This restaurant’s bathroom”

6. “Kar Go, the UK’s first autonomous delivery vehicle, was seen out in London.”

7. “A mushroom nightlight”

8. “I adore these little coat hooks.”

9. “A notebook shaped like an R”

10. “My girlfriend’s boots have tiny bags big enough for one chicken nugget.”

11. “A Millennium Falcon test tube holder my co-worker had 3-D printed for my birthday”

12. “This woman had a working full-size clock in her purse at First Watch.”

13. Just a flamingo Papasan chair...

14. “Valentine’s Day is going to be great this year.”

15. “In a city I visited, there were giant ants on the outside of a house.”

16. “These piggy banks shaped like balloon animals”

17. “My geometry teacher’s clock”

18. “Crocheted parasols! I made these and attached them to umbrella frames.”

Have you seen any bewildering products? Have you designed and created any yourself? Please let us take a look at your personal book of creative recipes in the comments below.

Preview photo credit lumigram.com


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