20 Pics That Will Please the Heck Out of Your Heart

2 years ago

60% of the human brain is made of fat, claim scientists. This makes our brain actually the fattiest organ in the human body, and we need some good nutrients to keep the balance of fatty acids, so we can think clearly. Our today’s article will deliver another good supplement for both your brain and heart — it’s a treasure trove of satisfying moments.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 20 photos that people shared on the internet because they wanted us all to feel the joy of the moments that are captured in these pics. We’d love for you to take a bite outta this warm “feeling pie” together with us.

1. “Yesterday was my adopted son’s birthday. He told me he would clean the entire house.”

“He’s been sweeping this spot for 30 minutes.”

2. “Somebody put these in the men’s bathroom at the movie theater on Valentine’s Day.”

3. “My 6y/o bro fell asleep in the shopping cart. My stepmom didn’t want to bother him so she stacked the groceries around him.”

4. “The thinner tree was cut years ago and the big one has been holding and feeding it since then.”

5. “The precision of this bathroom setup”

6. “Spotted this absolute metal head casually knitting a hat on the bus.”

7. “I have a very photogenic onion.”

8. “I started going gray around 5th grade. Finally decided to just let it go and spiced it up a little.”

9. “Got Arctic mascara at −40°C.”

10. “It took me a minute to comprehend that my 5yo had invented a new hands-free iPad technology.”

11. “This is what I came home to.”

12. “My niece was jokingly given a roll of toilet paper and told it was her Christmas gift, and she LOVED it.”

13. “Every Friday, this lady comes in with temporary tattoos to see her tattooist.”

“He makes her feel equal when he puts them on — gloves, spray, and all.”

14. “I halved 11 tomatoes in 1 slice.”

15. “I put my son’s Batman blanket on top of him.”

16. “What a difference a year makes. This is Annie, my son’s 4th birthday present and 5th birthday best buddy.”

17. “He tasted his first donut. Mind-blown.”

18. “My little daughter using my son’s wheelchair to learn to walk”

19. “My favorite photo with my cutest baby”

20. “After a long day of work, this dad still knows what his real job is.”

Which of the photos made you especially emotional? What is a photo from your family album that you’d add to this list?

Preview photo credit randomlapis / Imgur


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