19 Times the World Proved It Still Has Something to Amaze Us With

2 years ago

Each ordinary day can become outstanding out of nowhere. The world, including nature, sends us messages that it’s much more complicated and unpredictable than you think. Just take a look around, and you will see that our planet is full of patterns that decided to deconstruct.

We at Bright Side enjoy little wonders and share some more of them to make your day diverse in a positive way.

1. “This spider made a web portal.”

2. “Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on.”

3. “This tree on my farm in California”

4. “My friend’s pants are so stiff they stand on their own.”

5. “The horses were standing so still that their shadows still have frost.”

6. “An orange turtle found in the Vietnamese jungle.”

7. “Deers were using my car as a salt lick.”

8. “Sheets of ice that were coming off the brick exterior of our house after some freezing rain”

9. “My girlfriend was born without a nail.”

10. “This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents on the Volcán de Pacaya in Guatemala.”

11. “We were interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food.”

12. The tower was reclaimed by nature.

13. “Google Picasa asked me to identify this face in one of my photo albums. I never noticed it before.”

14. “My youngest daughter was born this February with an extra finger on each hand.”

15. “This tree in my backyard”

16. “Squirrel on my walk yesterday ready for his modeling contract!”

17. “I had a quadruple mini banana this morning.”

18. “This tree broke this rock and kept growing.”

19. “My boss at work brought in this lemon today.”

Which picture did you like the most? How difficult is it for you to be amazed by something new?


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