10 Unexpected Signs That Prove You Might Be Smarter Than Other People

2 years ago

Perhaps every one of us has caught ourselves thinking we possess a high intellect. An unexpected ingenious idea or a bright guess oftentimes gives us a feeling of deep satisfaction — all because it’s always nice to find something similar to Albert Einstein in yourself.

We at Bright Side found 10 unexpected signs that reveal the hidden genius in a person.

1. Frequent feeling of boredom

Intelligent people always feel bored when they do routine things. This is connected with the fact that by having a lot of knowledge and skills, people with a more developed intellect can’t engage all their potential when performing mundane tasks.

You’ll unlikely be able to inspire this type of person by talking about kitchen repairs or property prices. There are more chances that they will be more into discussions about abstract and global topics.

2. Tendency to feel younger than their real age

Here is an interesting fact that is worth noting — highly intellectual people feel younger longer. Moreover, the higher our intelligence level in adolescence is, the more likely we are to feel younger in old age. Sharon Stone is a good example — it seems she never gets old in her soul and, in addition, she looks ever stunning. Her IQ is 154 points.

3. Frequent existential crises

Gifted people often complain about existential crises in their lives. It is extremely important for these individuals to find their mission and purpose, otherwise, psychological problems can develop.

4. Difficulties in building romantic relationships

Very smart people don’t always become the object of everyone’s admiration. Research shows that people with IQs above 120 can often find themselves lonely — they most often prefer partners with lower IQ results.

This partition doesn’t relate to people with high emotional intellect. It, on the contrary, increases the attractiveness in the eyes of potential brides and grooms.

5. The habit of biting one’s nails

Turns out, it’s harder for geniuses to get rid of bad habits than for other people. Not only does the habit to bite one’s nails indicate that there is an increased level of stress in a person’s life but it also describes them as perfectionists who strive to fulfill set tasks as fast as possible.

6. Forgetfulness

Even geniuses have their own imperfections. The brightest minds of our planet tend to get carried away with their ideas so much so that they totally forget about doing everyday tasks. Well, what do you expect when your mind is occupied with the destiny of our Universe?

7. Ability to solve issues in an original way

“You need to understand things in order to invent beyond them,” said the famous billionaire Bill Gates. This phrase gives cues to how our mind works — in order to get creative, you need to understand the essence of the things around you.

Applying original ways to solve issues in everyday life can indicate a high intellect and our ability to think creatively is a bright example of that.

8. Being frequently late

There’s a high chance that people who are always late somewhere possess a high level of intellect. People who can hardly complete their plans by the due date are prone to more creative thinking and are quite optimistic in general.

9. The ability to say no to yourself and your impulses

Turns out, patience is not a simple positive trait but also an indicator of intellectual development. Scientists believe that people who are able to carefully weigh options and are able to resist impulsive desires demonstrate better results when testing their level of intelligence.

10. The refusal to consider yourself smart

There is something called the Dunning—Kruger effect in psychology which states that less competent people usually tend to overestimate their intellectual abilities. Truly qualified people most often don’t perceive their capabilities adequately and underestimate their real level of knowledge.

Did you recognize yourself or your friends in this article? How many of the points corresponded to you?

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