20 Classic Aspects of Parenthood That Only Moms Will Understand

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2 years ago

When a baby is born, everything changes. And often, a new mom’s lifestyle is no longer the same as it once was. For instance, if before you spent 15 minutes washing your hair, now you are happy if you have a whole minute to do the same.

Bright Side put together some funny observations that will be familiar to every one of those who has a child. Although not all of these moments may be true for all mothers, you will doubtless see yourself in at least some of these situations!

  1. You began to say “we“ about yourself and your child: ”we ate,“ “we got sick,” ”our tooth fell out’ (although all your teeth are in place).
  2. In seven minutes you can do more than most people do in a day.
  3. When you kid goes to sleep, you relish the freedom to do whatever you want — from doing the dishes to laundry to cleaning house.
  4. When you meet up with your friends all you can talk about is your baby, and how much you miss him or her.
  5. You learned how to give your child shots, despite your previous fear of needles.
  6. You can do many things at once: cook dinner, breastfeed, talk on the phone and watch your favourite TV show. Renowned multitasker Julius Caesar has nothing on you.
  7. Sleep excites you more than sex.
  8. You can hear your child sneeze, even if it’s night time and your bedroom door is closed and your partner is snoring right next to you.
  9. Baby clothes interest you more than clothes for adults.
  10. You’re willing to swap places with with your baby when the latter has a fever or gets ill.
  11. You suddenly become aware of the crazy amount of danger outside your home: all those huge puddles, the neighbours’ angry dog, Fluffy. How did you not notice them before?
  12. You are free to watch TV alone only when your kid has been in bed quietly for longer than 30 minutes.
  13. Rest is when you go shopping without the kid.
  14. When your baby successfully goes to the bathroom, you congratulate them like they won a medal.
  15. Now you examine and evaluate toys in terms of how long they can keep your kid occupied.
  16. You change more often than teenage girls getting ready for a date. Your clothes always have weird stains.
  17. A 15-minute shower with a closed door sounds like a spa getaway.
  18. You know the names of all the characters in your baby’s favourite TV shows.
  19. You also catch yourself singing baby songs long after your baby went to sleep.
  20. Now you can proudly celebrate Mother’s Day and receive wishes and gifts.


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