What 20 Things Look Like in Real Life, That We Only Know From Action Movies

3 years ago

No matter how old we are, fantasy and adventure movies will keep us hooked and on the edge of our seats. Though filmmakers manage to masterfully transfer us to their imaginary worlds and make us believe in everything they show to us, who of us would refuse to look at the things that we usually only see only on the big screen, in real life?

We at Bright Side gladly re-watched cult movies and found out what the phenomena, places, and even creatures from those flicks look like in real life.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel turned out to be an abandoned store in Germany.

2. Quicksand

3. The house of President Snow

4. Oasis in the middle of the desert

5. Sphynx’s head

6. Anaconda

7. Egyptian pyramids

8. Floating Mountains of Pandora

9. The fearsome scarabaeus turned out to be an ordinary dung beetle.

10. The hall of the Choosing Ceremony in Divergent is actually the Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist

11. Deserts and sandstone arches

12. Iceberg

13. The hall of Oxford University played the role of the Great Hall of Hogwarts:

14. The underground way in Panem was found in Berlin.

15. Firestorm

16. Waterfall on an abandoned island

17. The ruins of Ta Prohm Temple

18. Piranha

19. The statue of Paul Bunyan

20. Kingsman secret service atelier

What other things from your favorite movies would you like to see in real life? Have you ever visited places where cult movies were filmed?


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Do we know why the store is abandoned? I'm sure the owners could make good cash from selling it after the movie was shot?


Wanted to see what 11 actually looked like :( does anyone know the name of the place?


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