18 Men Who Can Add the Ability to “Mood Lift” to Their Résumé

3 years ago

Each of us is familiar with men’s outlandish logic and their enchanting deeds. And of course, this is not because of stereotypes or cliches, but because the world is full of people who can look at any situation with a pinch of humor. Additionally, they can turn anything we encounter in our day-to-day into something funny and wonderful. And the men from our article managed to this and more.

Such people are well aware of how to lift people’s moods and prevent them from ever feeling down, which is why we at Bright Side have paid special attention to their sense of humor and ability to laugh at themselves.

“I’ve decided to go home after my lunch break. I don’t think anyone will notice.”

“My younger brother just brought me this and asked, ’Is this a mini sundial?’”

"I finally put my tree up. Happy Holidays, everyone!’

“My husband sent this to me while I was at work with the line, ’He is ready to poo in the dark, haha!’”

“I was tasked with clearing out the crawlspace, but then I found my old slot car track and progress halted.”

Sometimes, men’s inventiveness reaches an absurd level.

“My dad bought my sisters and me a set of ’ladies’ tools’ when we went to college.”

“Told my dad we could get a gardener to trim the trees but he insisted on saving money...came home to witness this.”

“I found this mailbox near my grandparents’ house. The guy who installed it is an appliance repairman.”

Sometimes the ignorance of women’s issues can play a cruel joke on a man.

“Asked my husband to keep our new puppy busy. Came back to find this.”

“I think my dude has something on his mind.”

The mysterious story of clothes in a man’s closet

“My husband bought this shirt for himself. I have no words.”

“Decided to do an in-depth investigation of a dryer ventilation tube in the attic while the wife and kid went to get dinner. Fell completely through. Hopefully, she won’t notice this in the master bathroom.”

Even an unsuccessful tattoo can be turned into a masterpiece.

A sense of humor is vital when using the Internet.

What mind-blowing things have the men in your life done?

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I can relate to the guy who build his old slottrack, not because I had a slottrack but because I clean up the same way :D I always seem to find something that will distract me


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