15 Cases When People Wanted to Sink Through the Floor Because of Their Blunders

2 years ago

Even smart people sometimes end up in silly situations. It’s good when they become epic jokes that one doesn’t feel ashamed to share on the Internet.

We at Bright Side know that it’s easy to make mistakes. And the characters of our compilation had some blunders too.

“I collect beautiful notes. I decided to put them in a frame. So as usual, I rinsed it with water and processed it with a hair straightener.”

“The note had a polyethylene insert.”

“I processed my windows with an anti-fog agent but applied it to the wrong side.”

“I’ve been using this water bottle for 2 weeks and only today did I find that it has paper instructions inside!”

“Sold my iPad in a public space — the money turned out fake.”

“It’s going to be freezing tonight so I brought a couple of trees indoors. I didn’t notice these hitchhikers.”

“I decided to try deep frying Oreos but I forgot that oil and water don’t behave the same way.”

“I let it get too hot and melted part of my kitchen.”

“Was trying to boil water, turned on the wrong burner, and my glass baking dish exploded.”

“I even had the thought, ’This bottle doesn’t feel quite right...oh well!’”

“I made the mistake of ’shaking my lava lamp,’ and now it looks bad.”

“Followed the recipe exactly! Even added extra flour this time. They always spread!”

“I didn’t double-check which side the cabinet opened and ended up drilling on the hinge side.”

“I saw no possible bad outcome from eating ice cream over my keyboard. I did everything I could but it refuses to work.”

“I’ve been cleaning them the hard way my entire life. Turns out the lid lifts and the stove can be easily cleaned inside.”

“Once upon a time, I failed to roll up my truck window.”

“I bought a new mouse.”

Have you ever felt like a character out of Dumb and Dumber? Please do share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit LiamLambrini / Twitter


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