19 Photos That Will Make Anyone Angry

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Every day we have to face situations that really stress us out. At work and in our private lives, we solve a lot of problems. So after we deal with all these difficulties, it sometimes takes just a tiny thing to make us furious.

1. Do you get angry when water pours like this?

2. He is a winner.

3. Has anybody else faced this situation?

4. “Oh, let me just put these empty eggshells back in the container. I married a savage.”

5. This butter dish doesn’t hold a full stick of butter.

6. This BBQ restaurant serves their house sauce in a shaker, and it’s awful.

7. Why does this happen?

8. “My sister always leaves a tiny portion of whatever she eats/drinks so she won’t have to throw it away.”

9. Why can’t they design better cables?

10. I tried to open the ice cream.

11. How awful is that?!

12. This just happened when I took my bananas out of the bag:

13. This happens every time I do the dishes:

14. When you accidentally dropped your work:

15. “My view of Metallica from the handicapped section at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. A 7-hour drive for this.”

16. Why? Why do I NEED an account just to look through Pinterest?

17. They shipped my hot sauce without any padding.

18. This is an egg-peeling fiasco.

19. “One hour after I started drawing, I realized why I couldn’t make things right! They added 2 extra millimeters.”

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit GoldenTogepi/reddit


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