22 Times Kids Were Extremely Honest While Doing Their Homework That Made Us Laugh

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2 years ago

Some kids may seem naive but, in fact, they know a lot more than we think. Even when they play smart to get rid of difficult questions on an exam or on their homework, for example, it’s hard to not laugh at it.

Bright Side has collected a series of honest homework responses that will make us wonder whether they should receive a 0 or 100 for their genius.

1. “My fourth grader’s math homework. She said, ’This way I didn’t even need to think about it.’”

2. “Potentially the best answer my daughter has ever given on a worksheet”

How old is she?, that looks like a first grade worksheet. She has better handwriting then i ever will.


3. Very observant.

4. Honest fashion advice

5. A sincere book review

6. Children live in their own worlds.

7. Things we don’t expect children to reveal

8. So motivational!

9. “You deserve better, my son.”

10. Bela is a Star Wars fan.

11. Honest mistake...

12. Good choice!

13. Technically, this is correct.

14. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

15. No need for extra explanations.

16. This dog has been fed a lot

17. A portrait of all the children in the morning

18. Is it that obvious?

19. An attempt to leave nothing to chance

20. It’s as simple as this.

21. A+ for creativity

22. We are sure he will become whatever he wants.

If you were the teacher, which one of these would receive the best grade? Share your kid’s witty answers with us too.

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No 7,15,16,17,18 & 19 are superb💙 especially no 19 😆


when i was in 1st grade if i didn't know the answer for some question i would write alphabet YES!! even when the question is about something else.
from A-Z in very small letters and yes teacher never said any to me about it probably they couldn't read it because the letters are very small😅😂😂


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