15+ Mysterious Objects That Only Internet Users Could Identify

2 years ago

In the past, we had to ask all our friends and acquaintances to identify a mysterious object. And there was still a chance that we wouldn’t find the right answer. Nowadays, it’s enough to take a photo of the unknown object and post it online. Dozens of experts will immediately give you the answer you’ve been looking for.

At Bright Side, we are sure that internet users know the answer to any question and that someone will be eager to help us in any puzzling situation.

“I found this stuck to my clothes after the laundromat and want to know if I should wash my clothes again.”

  • LOL! I swear by these things when I go hiking in the cold. That’s a hot toe warmer. © xSaint20 / Reddit

“Spoon + bottle opener from my grandparents’ house”

Hand-forged tools in their own custom leather case, a foot long, square with very sharp point

“I found this at an antique store.”

“This thing has about 60 twisty screws embedded into it. It has me stumped.”

This plastic kitchen tool looks like a slicer or juicer but there’s no cutting edge.

“I found this on my partner’s grandma’s kitchen shelf.”

What is this glass object?

This weird wooden kitchen tool

“I found it in a thrift store.”

“I found a silver spoon in some old moving boxes.”

What is this thing? It has 2 holes.

A hand-squeezed kitchen tool made of metal.

What is this wooden item?

“I found this in an old house. It’s made out of metal with a hook at the bottom and what looks like a hanger on the top.”

What is this thing?

An old heavy key with “Good health” engraved

“When found, it was the size of a marble, now it’s the size of a pea, but still a perfect sphere.”

“Someone gave my father-in-law this hammer, and he can’t understand what it’s for.”

Who do you usually ask when you find a mysterious object? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit mxpwr94 / Reddit


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