19 People That Really Shocked Others With Their Insolence

2 years ago

Many of us learned to behave when we were children. But the people of this article had to interact with someone that missed all of these classes.

We at Bright Side believe that all people are nice in their own ways, but in this compilation, we’ve found individuals that will have to spend a bit more time looking for the good inside them.

“When people drape their hair over the backs of chairs.”

“Neighbor stole our package, saw it was just a TV remote and stickers, and put it back in our mailbox like this.”

“He has stolen our packages in the past as well.”

“We live in a quiet neighborhood and my friend got tired of cars riding around his street. First, it looked like this.”

“He didn’t stop there. It took him just 1 day to build a fence and block the entire road!”

“I’m not going to sit here and I won’t let you sit here.”

This is why he’s the boss.

  • My boss told me that when he was young, he found a wallet, took the cash out and took the wallet to the owner, and asked for a reward. When he was asked about the cash, he said it wasn’t there when he found it. I asked him why he took the cash. He said, “Someone wouldn’t have stolen it anyway.” © belegond / Pikabu

“Decided to get rid of some things from the basement where my neighbors and I share the space. When I opened the door, I saw this.”

“I wanted to sell my phone. I had this amazing offer.”

“What to do with such neighbors? They blocked a part of the area and the chute!”

Don’t do this.

“Yesterday I went to cook dinner and I found a sink full of dishes, and counters covered in trash.”

“I spent 30 minutes cleaning it, making dinner, and left the kitchen spotless. This is what I found when I went into the kitchen this morning.”

“Someone dumped their stuff on our alley plants.”

"1/2 of my plants weren’t watered and the person I paid to specifically do that said “I didn’t think you cared if they died they’re just plants.”

“Apparently someone has been munching my donuts and it was supposed to be for my kids after work.”

“This advertisement my kids’ school slapped on my daughter.”

“Stood during the entire concert, even when absolutely nobody else was standing. Picked a fight with someone who asked her to sit down.”

“These kids who think the local value village is their personal play area, with no parents in sight.”

In this story, the level of revenge is unbelievable.

  • Husbands usually congratulate their wives when they have babies, they buy flowers, presents, and things like that. And my husband thinks that our daughter is fully his merit! No “thank you” flowers or presents for waking up at night and feeding the baby! Our daughter’s birthday is coming and I want to give my husband flowers in front of all the guests because his goodness shouldn’t remain unnoticed. © Podslushano / Ideer

“My coworker lets his dishes soak in the bathroom sink.”

“My complex has 9 dumpsters, they are all close by, and easily accessible. See this every week still.”

What examples of insolence have you seen recently? Tell us in the comment section below!

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