I’m Tired of Pretending I’m Unhappy With My Pregnancy Because My Sister Is Infertile

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7 months ago

Pregnancy is a blessing to some women and a nightmare to others. In this case, our reader’s sister would love to have a baby, but she can’t conceive no matter what. On the other hand, our reader got pregnant and had to hide it from her sister to avoid hurting her feelings. The truth was revealed anyway, and now the relationships in their family are in danger.

One of our readers contacted us.

Thanks for trusting us with your problem! We have some tips that you might find useful.

Apologize to your sister.

That is absolutely ridiculous! Why should you apologize to your sister because you got pregnant? You didn't do it on purpose to hurt her. Now its taken a little of the spark out of it for YOU. She would eventually have notice by the second one.


Talk to your sister and apologize sincerely. Try to mend her emotional wounds that you might have unintentionally caused. Admit that you could have handled it better and express your regret for acting so impulsively. Reassure her that your intention was never to hurt her, and emphasize your love and commitment to her well-being.

Share your reasons for keeping the pregnancy a secret and tell her you were just worried about her. Let her know that your choice was driven by a desire to protect her emotionally rather than a lack of consideration.

Give her space

At the moment, your sister might need space and understanding. Your sister may be grappling with a lot of emotions after the revelation of your pregnancy. Giving her the space to process these feelings is crucial.

Respect her need for solitude. Everyone copes differently with unexpected and challenging situations. While you give her the necessary space, it’s equally important to make it clear that you’re available whenever she feels ready to talk.

Show her your love and support.

Let your sister know that she’s loved and that she can count on you. Listen to what she has to say without judgment. Acknowledge that you’re aware of the challenges she faces in her attempts to have a baby. Assure her that she will be able to babysit your kid whenever she wants. Let her know that she’s always welcome in your house and that she’ll be a great aunt.

Get help for your sister.

If your sister still doesn’t recover after all your attempts, try getting professional help for her. Encourage your sister to consider counseling or therapy. This way she’ll be able to heal faster and will get back on track. You and your relatives might even pay for some therapy sessions if your sister can’t afford them.

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ridiculous. There's two daughters in this family. You have every right to be happy.. trist me it would've been way worse keeping it a secret until the end. Atleast now she has time to get used to it.


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