18 Photos That Left Us in Stitches

2 years ago

It’s not every day that we see something so bizarre and comic that we’re left clutching our sides with laughter. However, these people here saw something that left them laughing so hard that they had to share it with us. Whether it’s mischievous kids who are up to no good or an online order gone terribly wrong, there is no denying that life has the power to make us smile endlessly.

Bright Side would like to share the good humor and giggles that people from all around the world have found to add a bit of playful fun into your day.

1. “We adopted a wolfhound named Ollie. Or a luck dragon, I’m not quite sure.”

2. “The Hulk has seen better days”

3. “Looks like my daughter packed her own lunch this morning.”

4. “I’ll be 40 this year and this is still the most professional photo I have of myself — circa 1992.”

5. “Having fun with my little guy’s hairline”

6. “A cat, mid-yawn”

7. “My wife packed my lunch.”

8. “We tried making chocolate covered raisins. They ended up looking like beans.”

9. When a relative doesn’t quite know how customized cards work.

10. “I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.”

11. “These eggs my son made”

12. “My sister’s neighbor is ’drying’ his clothes. They have frost on them.”

13. “Just turned fifty years old”

14. “I made this after closing up the kitchen I work in.”

15. “Asked my wife to add carrots to the coleslaw. She thinks she’s funny.”

16. “My son was so excited to get this Sponge Bob popsicle, until he opened it.”

17. “My 4-year-old won’t stop laughing about this donut smiley face that’s wearing sunglasses and has 2 mouths.”

18. “Not sure if this was a load of men dressed as Banana Man out for a stag, or if it was just one guy running really fast.”

What tricks does your other half play on you? Who was the last person who left you in a fit of giggles? Give them a mention below!

Preview photo credit abacus_porkrind / Reddit


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