10 Clothing Styles That It’s Better to Forget About After 40

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4 years ago

Time flies, and not only does fashion change with it, but we do too. And with age, the clothes that make us look like a million dollars change as well.

Today Bright Side decided to tell you about the clothes that might not suit every woman over 40. Look closely. You might still be wearing some of the items on this list.

Clutch bags on a regular basis

Young girls can use clutches as an everyday accessory. After 40, it's better to carry them only on special occasions. Give preference to mini bags on regular days.

Bracelets with pendants

Very often, these types of bracelets are important to their owner because they bring some nice memories about pleasant events or loved ones. However, this type of accessory can look childish, and that's why it's better to stay away from them in adulthood.

Colorful tights

Only a schoolgirl can allow herself to wear such tights. Women wearing this type of clothing can look comical.

"Boyfriend" hoodies

A teenage girl looks tiny and vulnerable in such clothing; an adult woman simply does not look well groomed in this attire. This is why it's better to give preference to clothes in your true size.

Shapeless cardigans

There is no cardigan that can't be replaced by a stylish neutral blazer. Now you can easily say goodbye to all those jersey blouses and cardigans.

"Teenage" dresses

If a dress suited you 10 years ago and you were showered with compliments, there is no guarantee that after 40 you will look as harmonious as you used to in it.

Clothes depicting symbols of sports teams and music bands

If you really root for a particular sports team, it's better to hold off wearing clothes with their logo until the next match. But if you buy clothes depicting a music band or sports team just because they look cool, you'd better think again.

Hats with pom-poms

It's the same situation as with the tights, and there is a very fine line between fascination and comedy.

Pants with no size

These pants hardly suit anyone, including women above 40. You'd be better off forgetting about the existence of such pants.


Wearing flip-flops is not only about beauty but about health as well. The soft flat sole of this footwear is not good for moving around stone jungles. If you wear them regularly, you might end up getting health issues with your legs.

When reading these recommendations, it's important to remember that every woman goes through her own personal changes. While some can keep wearing the same clothes for many years, others had better forget about them. And it's important to remember that any accessory can look stylish if one chooses it wisely.

Which fashion hacks do you use to stay stylish? Please let us know in the comments!

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It seems the Bright Side list makers are a bunch of misogynistic arseholes bent on keeping women firmly in the 1950s.


No one can tell me that I’m “too old” to wear anything, thank you very much.


I think I'm going to go buy every single thing on this list and wear it all at once just to irritate whoever wrote it!


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