20 Photos That Captured the Exact Moment That Furry Parents Ran Out of Patience

2 years ago

Having children is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences life has to offer. We look forward to them and do everything we can to welcome them into this world in the best possible way. However, when we become parents, we realize that peace, quiet, and intimacy were also a gift of life. The burdens of parents, and particularly mothers, are an undeniable reality. And this experience seems to be universal to parents of other species: animals have to face the same type of emotional rollercoaster.

That’s why today, Bright Side decided to prepare a selection of 20 photos of animals fulfilling their parental duties. We’re sure they have many of the same thoughts as us.

1. “First day of motherhood... she’s exhausted.”

2. “Motherhood can be tiring.”

3. “My girlfriend’s cat might be regretting motherhood.”

4. “The joys of motherhood.”

5. “All lined up.”

6. “Mother cat regrets”

7. “Silly kids 😏”

8. “The neighborhood stray had kittens. 🐱”

9. “She’s never even had puppies...”

10. “Motherhood can be a pain in the back...”

11. “Minnie, mothering not only her own kittens but also the kittens of her late best friend and two Bengal cats unable to care for theirs.”

12. “A patient mom and her wild pup”

13. “A tired mom...”

14. “The Animal Pad rescued a lot of pregnant mothers over the last few months. I have been doing adoption photos once the puppies are old enough. This is mama Lucy and her babies. She totally has an ’I made dis’ look.”

15. “Gloria, the Possum”

16. “Mother cat has a thousand-yard stare.”

17. “Here’s my Pingu; motherhood, right?”

18. “For those who fell in love with foster mama Ellie, she’s, uh, wondering if there’s a return policy on her lab samples.”

19. “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

20. “Does fatherhood count? 😄😻”

What about your pets? Do you have animal pictures that prove you need infinite patience when you have children? Feel free to share them with us, we can’t wait to see how your furry friends deal with their babies!

Preview photo credit lookatthisdog / Imgur


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