15 Makeovers of Pets Who’ve Been Rescued and Experienced the Love and Warmth of a Home

3 years ago

It is difficult to know how much the love given to living beings, particularly pets, can do. Some people came across them on the street or in shelters, places where they lived after suffering neglect and a lack of care from former owners. But now, with a new opportunity, those furry (and not furry) friends that seemed sad or insecure have flourished and have been able to show their best. All thanks to the love that new people have brought into their lives.

Bright Side loves pets and appreciates those people who seek to foster, feed, and even rescue those animals that have had a complicated life, giving them a great second chance full of love, care, and respect.

1. “Coco came to us skin and bones. Fast forward a few months and she’s a happy, healthy pup with a forever home to boot!”

2. “I’m so thrilled with Billy’s recovery!”

3. “I found her and brought to the vet clinic with a broken jaw. After nobody came forward to claim her, she is now living her best life.”

4. “The day I rescued her from a house of neglect vs Today 😍”

5. “We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago today and I wanted to share with you all how much he has changed since he arrived!”

6. A true “before” and “after”

7. “One year transformation since leaving the shelter at 8 weeks old”

8. “Our little Medina, from the first day we met until now (one year later).”

9. “From scared puppy mill survivor to lovable nugget”

10. “Before adoption vs 3 days at home”

11. “Simba, after 3 more months of love 🧡”

12. “Before and after (8 months)”

13. “Princess Diana before and after coming to Finland from Romania. She is dumb, spoiled, and silly as well as an endless source of quality comedy.”

14. “Before & after, my sweet Macaroni”

15. “Baloo, the Huskey rescue. Long journey with this boy. Was paralyzed in his rear legs when we got him. He can run and jump around now.”

What do animals mean to you? Have you ever rescued a pet? We’d love to meet your pet and learn more about your story!

Preview photo credit SomeGayGamer / Reddit


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