17 People Who Are Not Afraid of Any Trouble

2 years ago

Troublemakers know that the secret to leading an exciting life is spontaneity and boldness. It might be fun to carry out a daring act before relaxing and letting life unfold in its own way without us needing to control the outcome. However, we should remember that a brave step into the unknown might sometimes be met with disaster, and it’s important to be prepared to accept these uncontrollable circumstances with a smile on our faces and lightness in our hearts.

We at Bright Side love eccentric people and decided to bring together 17 folks who dared to make a bold move and allowed themselves to celebrate the outcome.

1. “Note to self: Don’t open up a bag of cornflour like a bag of chips.”

2. “As a colorblind person, it also took me years to find bandaids/plasters that match my skin color. You can barely notice it!”

3. “Wife left me alone with the kids for the first time, and after asking for an update, I sent her this.”

4. “Don’t you dare open it.”

5. “My wife accidentally called wrapping paper ’rapper paper’ in the car the other day. I understood the assignment.”

6. “My boyfriend’s attempt at flipping a pancake didn’t go too well.”

7. “My brother organized my bathroom. Last night, I accidentally left some things out, so he set this little scene up with his Legos.”

8. “I accidentally shrunk my husband’s jacket. Here’s my husband for scale.”

9. “The most terrifying cookie that I’ve ever made”

10. “I accidentally melted a bottle of honey, and now it looks like the inbred cousin.”

11. “I used the banana for scale to demonstrate how I ordered the wrong size of eyes. My banana disapproves.”

12. “A sweet old man at the beach: ’Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 love birds?’ My wife: ’Yes please!’ Nailed it.”

13. “Little bro was staying for the night, told him to help himself to any sweets but asked that he not eat my favorite cookies. Woke up to this.”

14. “My son’s pre-K graduation photo”

15. “We shrunk a co-worker’s desk while he was on vacation, art director for scale.”

16. “Pic my dad sent me this morning.”

17. “2 Keas had a fight on my head.”

Which of the above pics made you chuckle the most and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Buppster87/Reddit


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