15 Pics That’ll Make You Scream “OMG!”

2 years ago

There are more than a million words in the English language but, somehow, we suddenly lose all our vocabulary when we get startled. It seems like all the energy gets focused on feeling instead of thinking. Some experience it more often than others but, in any case, everyone can relate.

Bright Side found 15 photos that are not only attention-grabbing, but also vocabulary-stealing.

1. “Shaved in half”

2. “My sister works at a driving school. She sent me this picture from her desk today.”

3. “A hen taking care of frightened kittens during a storm”

4. “This hole I accidentally made with a laser.”

5. “This zebra cruising around town in a G Wagon.”

6. “Found out today that my great-uncle is dog walking buddies with Stephen King.”

7. “Hammerhead bat being curious.”

8. “I was told I look like a Mexican Michael Scott.”

9. “Cota Lisa.”

10. “A sea lion I saw napping on a bench.”

11. “His name is Meevin and he’s got horn-like ears.”

12. “This fossil I found looks like Jack Skellington.”

13. “Tree’s roots spill over the sidewalk.”

14. “There’s a family of foxes living under my house.”

15. “Tried to take a photo of my ice cream. Greedy seagull photobombed it!”

What has recently made you go “wow”? What photo will you never forget taking?


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