10+ Weird Fashion Trends From Around the World That Went Too Far

9 months ago

We are used to seeing weird clothing on runway models, and our most common reaction is usually "It’s fashion, baby!" However, sometimes even regular shops offer strange clothes for everyday wear. Are they taking fashion trends way too far?

Bright Side gathered several examples of fashionable clothes that you shouldn’t buy at any cost.

Oversized boyfriend shirt

When you want to wear your boyfriend’s shirt but it’s cold outside.

Jeans with clear knee patches

What if it rains? Now my knees are protected!

Multicolored boots

When you can’t decide which color you like more.

Ripped stockings

I was so worried when I ripped my last pair... People make money with these!

Faux fur sandals

Kitty, come here! I need new sandals right now!

Clear plastic jeans

Well, there should be at least some mystery.

Meat knee jeans

2 steaks, please! One on each knee!

Double jeans

Now you don’t have to choose between “boyfriend“ and ”high-waisted" styles.

Thigh-high boots

I won’t have to buy stockings anymore! Very practical!

“Fried chicken leg” pants

My boyfriend loves fried chicken legs. I made a surprise for him.

Сheckered jumpsuit

If necessary, this jumpsuit easily turns into a checkered grocery bag.

Chunky knit sweater

It’s like my grandmother’s dream came true. I’m finally warm!

Clear plastic skirt

Preview photo credit abc7newsbayarea / Instagram


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