20+ Images Capable of Making Us Trip for a Few Minutes

2 years ago

It takes a lot of time and technical skills for a Photoshop specialist to transform a regular photograph into extraordinary fiction. However, some people are talented or simply lucky enough to capture remarkable moments that seem to literally belong in a parallel universe.

Bright Side has put together a bunch of atypical pictures to help you take a short break from reality and look at the universe from an entirely new perspective.

1. “Jedi mind tricks”

2. “Just another cloudy, rainy day — and a girl enjoying her own magical bubbly world...”

3. “The tree in my backyard has a halo.”

4. “This photo I took of a bowl of illuminated Cheetos looks like a microscopic organism.”

5. “This tree’s shadow looks like a jumping gazelle.”

6. “This snow-rabbit I found on a walk”

7. “When the sun shines through the front door peephole, it creates this little rainbow blob of light.”

8. “I got an egg with a white yolk.”

9. “This leaf’s new haircut”

10. “The way light is filtering through this tree and being refracted by the mist”

11. “A vine grew around this little tree and the tree absorbed it, making it look like a snake had woven itself around the tree.”

12. “A dove ran into my window and left a perfect imprint.”

13. “This house I saw today had many roofs.”

14. “These seats look like they contain trapped souls.”

15. “My incense holder”

16. “This bathroom has a small door for kids built into a regular-sized door.”

17. “I found a spoon glued to a wall.”

18. “My pupils were different sizes for a few hours after the eye doc dilated them and had to rescan my left optic nerve.”

19. “I believe this is in Czechia. Visited here while staying with family in Germany (I am in orange).”

20. “The wear and tear on my improvised blackout created a camera obscura effect/projection on my wall.”

21. “Tipped over my USB mic and this guy started screaming.”

Have you ever been lucky enough to take a photograph that came out as Photoshopped art? We’d love you to share it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit onechillfrenchie/Reddit


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