23 Pieces of Hard Evidence That Men Never Grow Up

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The age when a boy officially becomes a man in the eyes of the law varies by country and culture. But there are some men who make us doubt that growing up is ever really possible for them.

Bright Side collected some photos of guys who stay childish and carefree despite their age or status and they’re hilarious. So, maybe it’s better let men just be themselves...

1. My buddy wins Fathers Day today. — “I woke up today with a missed call from my mom and about 15 tags to beat the Cheerio stack record. 10 hours later it has been broken.”

2. My boyfriend is a seller on Amazon. This is what I came home to today.

3. My brother really wanted to swim with his turtle.

4. My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone.

5. Saw this man sneakingly blowing bubbles in the train station. When I made eye contact with him and smiled, he came up to me and whispered, “No one suspects the adult.”

6. My dad keeps placing this around the house to scare me.

7. My dad is really enjoying him some Clint Eastwood.

8. One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness.

9. My dad thought he was home alone. I had to go see why he was laughing so hard.

10. I could never game because of my toddler son, so I finally bought a play pen.

11. Tonight I let my inner child loose, and it felt good!

12. Today my boyfriend bought a label maker...

13. My boyfriend likes to cover my face with all sorts of things.

14. My 32 year old husband playing in his new pool. We don’t have kids by the way.

15. My father-in-law is a contractor. This is him installing a mirror.

16. What happens when I send my husband to the store and there’s a sale on ice cream.

17. Caught my husband red handed... Thought he was working out.

18. It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised.

19. Some people never grow up.

20. What to expect if you marry a man-child.

21. Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen, walked in and this greeted me!

22. My dad just got a PS4. Came back to find him regressed into a child...

23. Just when I think my boyfriend is a grown up...

Do you agree that men never grow up? Do you know any grown men who are still young at heart or maybe you’re one of them? Tell us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit obieone / Imgur, LutzTrain / Reddit


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