15 Accidentally Spooky Things That Left People’s Hair Standing on End

2 years ago

Although October is the month to get spooked, creepy things happen all year long. From a dad who is frightened by his kid’s eerie shadow to an unsettling snowman whose eyes follow you everywhere, the world is full of harmless yet scary stuff. That means that every day is a test of courage.

Bright Side is sharing a selection of events that had people’s hearts skip a beat.

1. “Walked past the playroom and nearly had a heart attack.”

2. “A snowman I shouldn’t have created”

3. “Thought someone was watching me. Turns out it’s just a pair of bolts.”

4. “Was trying to take a picture of my weird bed head and managed to take a picture mid-blink.”

5. “This sign is so unsettling.”

6. “Woke up scared last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost at the end of my bed. It was just my clothes on the door.”

7. “My driveway today”

8. “My daughter got a ring light for Christmas.”

9. “I walked up to my front door at 10 p.m. while swinging my lanyard. This is the image I got as a motion notification.”

10. “My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It’s the top of a tomato.”

11. “This kiddie car is easily one of the most unsettling things I’ve seen on a late-night walk.”

12. “My wife’s friend was convinced there was a baby ghost in her daughter’s crib. Turns out the dad forgot to remove the mattress sticker.”

13. “The power went out at the Sears tower.”

14. “My wife snapped a picture of my dog mid-sneeze with a flash in the dark.”

15. “I wanted to make my husband laugh with googly eyes but I think he might scream instead.”

What’s the last thing that scared you? Do you celebrate Halloween? Leave your spookiest tales and pics in the comments!

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