14 Stars Who Were Ready to Say Goodbye to Their Status as Most Attractive Hollywood Celebrity for the Sake of One Role

3 years ago

We appreciate actors for their talented transformations and truthful emotions. But sometimes, fitting into a role might not be that easy — the character can be ambiguous or the life position of the character might be the opposite of the life view of the actor. There are also cases where the actors have to sacrifice one of their main professional tools, their beauty, for the sake of one role.

In our compilation, Bright Side is going to show you the actors who didn’t feel scared to contribute and sacrifice their attractiveness for a role.

Jared Leto — Suicide Squad

In 2015, Jared Leto added himself to the list of actors who’ve played Joker. He was so immersed in the role that every now and then he did crazy things on the set, making everyone feel nervous. For example, Leto presented all the actors, the fighters of the Suicide Squad, with Joker-style gifts. We won’t describe all of them, we will just say that Margot Robbie got a live rat.

Tom Cruise — Tropic Thunder

In this movie, Tom put on a suit that made him look fatter, hand prostheses (they made the character’s hands disproportionately large), and a bald cap.

Naomie Harris — Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

In the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, Naomie played the fortune teller Tia Dalma. In the second part, she also turned out to be the Calypso nymph. In Homer’s Odyssey, she was the one who detained Odysseus, not letting him return home after the Trojan War. In the movie, Tia Dalma sheltered Captain Barbossa, whom everyone believed to be dead.

This movie series introduces several other scary characters to us.

Bill Nighy — Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The captain of the Flying Dutchman, the fierce Davy Jones, was played by Bill Nighy. When creating the character, motion capture technology was used, that is, the character’s appearance was generated by a computer. However, many people thought that the movie creators used a latex mask.

Javier Bardem — Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Initially, this role was offered to Christoph Waltz but he turned it down. That’s how Javier Bardem became a part of the franchise and appeared in Part 5 by playing Captain Armando Salazar.

Joey King — The Act

Joey played Gypsy Rose Blanchard — the girl who suffered at the hands of her own mother. This role brought King a nomination for an Emmy Award.

Helena Bonham Carter — Harry Potter franchise

Helena Bonham Carter played a faithful henchman of the dark lord, Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the series of movies about Harry Potter.

Cate Blanchett — Manifesto

In Manifesto, Cate Blanchett portrayed 13 different characters. Apart from her adorable and attractive images, she also played a garbage-recycling worker and a homeless person in this movie.

Nicole Kidman — Destroyer

The role of Erin Bell brought Nicole Kidman a nomination for a Golden Globe Award in the Best Actress category.

Stephanie Leonidas — Defiance

In the movie Defiance, Stephanie plays the representative of an alien race whose members live in tribes. Their appearance resembles the appearance of humans (as we can see in the pic above), but still, there are some differences.

Margot Robbie — Mary Queen of Scots

Margot Robbie’s character in this flick is the Queen of England and Ireland, Elizabeth I. The makeup and hairstyles of the characters impressed critics so much that the film was nominated for an Academy Awards in this category.

Meryl Streep — Into the Woods

Thanks to the plausible image of the witch, Meryl Streep was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Bette Midler — Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler in the Hocus Pocus movie is another witch in our compilation.

Michelle Pfeiffer — Stardust

Michelle Pfeiffer appears on screen in this look for only a few seconds. She is charming in the rest of the movie. Nevertheless, her transformation is so radical that most people who watched the movie consider this scene unforgettable.

It’s amazing to see actors with such drastic transformations in their appearance. Some of them are simply unrecognizable. Would you be able to spot them in this makeup?


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most of these roles required makeup or computer graphics. Jared changed way more for other roles


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