15 Products That Were Made With Pure Love

2 years ago

A thoughtful present might be exactly the thing we need to brighten up our loved ones, help them, and show how much we care. There are many things or experiences that, if done with affection, will help those who are going through difficult times and provide some love and support, regardless of how much we spend on them or how much effort we put into creating them.

Bright Side compiled this list of meaningful things that will tug at your heartstrings just by glancing at them.

1. “Grandpa made an amazing cradle for his grandson.”

2. “My Grandma got me this Superman attire because I’m going through chemo and she considers me her superhero!”

3. “When I was 13, my mother destroyed my blue teddy bear. My girlfriend surprised me with this as a pure gesture of kindness.”

4. “My 90-year-old grandpa is sewing the holes my dog made in her favorite toy.”

5. “My wife’s grandmother made this of all three generations.”

6. “I made a ‘proton pack’ for my toddler so he could run while having continuous IVs to treat cancer.”

7. “Grandma made me a bag during crafts at her nursing home. I’m keeping it forever!”

8. “I made 35 desks for students in my area who are home due to distance learning.”

9. “Dolls to represent special kids.”

10. “She drew a picture of her dream dress, and her grandma made it for her.”

11. “My husband made gifts for me! He was up at 4 AM making me gluten-free macaroons and rose bouquets.”

12. “The envelope and Valentine’s card my 5-year-old baby girl made for me.”

13. “My grandpa’s gift after his last round of chemo!”

14. “My mom made me a meatloaf heart for Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have a valentine this year.”

15. “My daughter is blind and for her 9th birthday party we made braille chocolate message slabs — I love you and Happy Birthday in caps.”

People like these can certainly make your day brighter. Have you ever received or gifted something with such sentimental value?

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